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Web version changelog

[2016.Nov.19] v3.0 - Dashboard version changed from 2.5 to 3.0.

>> All new concept of dashboard designing to "CREATE.DESIGN.USE".

>> Re-new all of dashboard algorithm.

[2016.Oct.17] V2.5 - Dashboard version changed from 2.1 to 2.5.

>> Adjust some appearances.

>> Added demo of new features "Merged graph" (only slot0 vs slot1).

[2016.Oct.13] V2.4 - Fix bug issues on dashboard v2.1 (Improve real-time sync status of swtich and slider).

[2016.Oct.10] V2.3 - Released dashboard v2.1beta, fix bug issues gage display decimals data.

[2016.Oct.3] V2.2 - Start documentation service

[2016.Aug.18] V2.1 - Add new visualization 'gauge' to display latest data received

[2016.Aug.15] V1.0 - Additional documentation of getstarted

[2016.Aug.13] Beta V1.0 - 1st released beta version 1.0

APIs version changelog

[2016.Sep.26] Beta V1.1 - Add command read status of Digital switch / Analog slider from dashboard

[2016.Aug.13] Beta V1.0 - 1st released beta version 1.0

IoTtweet Library version changelog

[2016.Oct.4] Stable version V0.2.0 - Features command of Read "Digital swtich" and "Analog slider"

[2016.Sep.26] Stable version V0.1.0 - 1st released on Github

Android | iOS app version changelog

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