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Welcome to

   Welcome to web api and cloud storage for your Internet of Things (IoT) device.
We are provided a many service for you such as 'Dashboard' for monitor your data
,easily exporting your IoT data in JSON and CSV format, mmanage your IoT in 'My IoT garage' and very quick automatic generating key for your device.
Moreover, we are provide a special service "LIVE Feed data JSON" via URLs for developer who would to do next own project.

Ok, let's go to started service with iottweet from now. We are describe you easy understand STEP BY STEP as below.

Step 1 : Sign up account

   If you already signed up with us, you can skip this step. But if you are not, please follow below instruction.
Go to "SIGN UP" at top menu. Fill necessary information and submit. Wait a second for account activate email.
(If you cannot fine in inbox, please note at other folder such as Junk mail)
Click activate link in email, this process will be finished.

Step 2 : Log in to

   Log in to by use registered username and password.
On top right side of page, you should to see information of 'Login name', 'UserID' and time of last logged in.
Our login system will be request to you for re-logging in again if you have no any activity for 240 mins.

Step 3 : Register IoT devices in dashboard

   On menu, go to "Dashboard". You will not to see any graph now. You have to register your IoT device that you would to send data on IoTtweet.
Press button "My IoT garage" and fill information name and model of IoT that you use. (optional)

   In the My IoT garage page, below table list of device you can adding new device here. And press button "ADD"

You will received "KEY" each of device. This key is necessary to use when you send data on IoTtweet cloud.

You can deleting your device by click at "DELETE" button at the end of row. Deleting device will be removed all data of that device from IoTtweet data base
Such as, all data that send to keeped, chart configuration, JSON live feed url permission. And you can't recover it back.
If you're really need to delete it, please export your log data before delete.

Step 4 : Install Library

   Before send data to IoTtweet Dashboard, you should install necessary of 2 libraries as below.

[Install ESP8266WiFi.h and ArduinoJson.h]
You read step of ESP8266WiFi.h and ArduinoJson.h library install in this instruction.  (คู่มือภาษาไทย)

If you already installed, skip to next step.

[Install IoTtweet.h]
We prepared IoTtweet.h and example on github:IoTtweet.
You can download it and install follow instruction.  (คู่มือภาษาไทย)

Step 5. Let’s send data to IoTtweet dashboard

In github:IoTtweet, we prepared simple code for you. For send data to your dashboard, please use file named “WriteDashboard.ino”.
Change some parameter in this file.

Userid : Your IoTtweet account user ID, you can find your user ID when logged in website It’s show on Top-right side of page.
Key : You get this key each device when you registered device in “My IoT garage”.
SSID : Name of your WiFi network which you would to connect.
Password : Password of WiFi network.

After input all your parameter completed, you can upload to device. And let’s start data sending to Dashboard.
See data coming on your dashboard now !.

Find out more how to use and awesome project at : Blog IoTtweet

Have fun with IoT tweet !!
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